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米国での人事考課(2部構成):Performance Evaluation 2 Parts (English) (aMS005)



第2部のCase StudyはMain コースを踏まえ、実際のケースを練習しながら評価の仕方、フォームの記入の仕方を学びます。所要時間: 45分

別コースとして、評価書の書き方に焦点を当てた"How to Write Performance Review"コースも参照ください。評価に使われる英単語、英文を学び、会社を訴訟から守る評価書の書き方を学ぶコースです。

E-learning course module for managers to conduct performance evaluation with confidence.

Main course contents:
1. To understand key elements of Performance Evaluation
2. Learn how to write performance evaluation form.
3. Quiz section

Case Study section:
1. To learn how to conduct evaluation
2. How to write performance evaluation form.
There are 3 case studies and a quiz section in this section.

Please refer to a separate course "How to Write Performance Review" is focused only on writing performance review. Useful "Sample Phrases and Language" (PDF) is provided with the course.
  • MSE_005_Main_Performance Evaluation eLearning Course 1
  • MSE_005Case - Performance Evaluation eLearning Course 2
  • MS005_Performance Evaluation (2 parts) PowerPoint
  • MS005_Performance Evaluation Sample Form
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