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2023年版 3人以下:認証用:セクハラ、パワハラ研修 Certified Sexual Harassment Training in Japanese (1-3 seats)

2023年版セクシャルハラスメント認証コース。最近法律化されたBystander Preventionも網羅している最新版です。州で義務付けられている「セクハラ、パワハラ研修」が日本語で手軽に受講できます。管理者向けに州が定める内容を全て網羅しており、すべてを修了すると各州に提示できる修了書がダウンロードできます。2時間。

Japanese-language 2023 Sexual Harassment Certification Course. This is the latest edition that also covers the recently legislated Bystander Prevention. The state-mandated Sexual Harassment and Power Harassment Training is conveniently available in Japanese. The course covers all state-mandated content for managers, and upon completion of the entire course, you can download a certificate of completion to present to your state. 2 hours.
  • セクハラ、パワハラ研修
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: 1 year