Cross-Cultural Communication

Managing Global Teams Remotely (English Video)(Free) (HR-aun001)

ロンドンのAun Communication制作ビデオ。(英語) 19分
「日本人としての強みを活かす」ことが重要、例えば、ミーティングでは「空気を読み」ながら、ベストなタイミングで発言することで、より大きなインパクトを残せる。などなど、「空気を読む」「根回し」等、どちらかというと異文化環境下で"Do not"と言われがちな日本人の特徴を活かすことができることをこのビデオでお伝えします。


Produced by Aun Communication, London. (English) (19 minutes)
What should high-context Japanese people be aware of when running a global team overseas?
It is important to "utilize the strengths of Japanese people". For example, at a meeting, you can make a bigger impact by speaking at the best time while "reading the room". In this video, we will explain how you can take advantage of the characteristics of a Japanese business person, such as "reading the room" and "nemawashi (laying the groundwork)", which are not always encouraged in a cross-cultural environment.
  • Managing Global Teams Remotely
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