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部下へのフィードバックの与え方 How to Give Feedback to Your Staff (English) (aMS001)


Learning how to give feedback to staff, which is one of the most important responsibilities as manager. After reviewing key points and best practices, you will review your understanding by quizzes, then move to case studies. Branch-out case study format gives you different outcome depends on the choice of your answer, so that you can try the best and the worst feedback in terms of staff's motivation level.

• Identify the issues
• Using STOMO
• 4W’s are important when you give feedback
• Learn from Best Practices
• Interactive branch-out case studies with coach’s comment and motivation bar chart
  • "Must Have these 6 skills as Manager " brochure
  • MS001_How to Give Feedback to Your Staff
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed