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Neurodiversity Awareness (NDI02)

Neurodivergence is a natural part of human diversity. Neurodivergent people are already valuable members of teams and workforces. But the majority of workplaces and processes are designed with neurotypical people in mind. This means your neurodivergent colleagues may encounter challenges at work that you might not be aware of. Luckily, increasing our awareness about this can help create a better workplace for everyone.

We all have a responsibility to contribute to workplaces that are truly inclusive. Increasing your awareness of neurodivergence in the workplace will help you be a better ally. Understanding the barriers that neurodivergent people may experience will make supporting colleagues to overcome them easier. And participating in open conversations about neurodivergence can decrease stigma, too.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

• Recognize how misconceptions about neurodivergence in the workplace can create unnecessary barriers for neurodivergent colleagues, so you can contribute to overcoming them
• Define barriers to participation that some neurodivergent people may experience in the workplace and how to overcome these
• Participate in open conversations about neurodivergence with colleagues, to increase awareness and contribute to an inclusive workplace

Why take this course?

It’s estimated that more than 15% of us are neurodivergent. That’s why everyone can benefit from increasing their awareness about neurodivergence in the workplace. This course will help you recognize how damaging misconceptions about neurodivergence in the workplace are. It’ll walk you through the barriers that some neurodivergent people encounter at work, and it’ll help you have open conversations about neurodivergence with colleagues.

10 mins | SCORM | Infographic

  • Neurodiversity Awareness
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